Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rough Day Today

Bit of a rough day today at the Colossal Caves Road Race. Considering my lead-in to this story, I obviously did not take the win as I had hoped. I was able to get into a couple moves mid-race, that I thought looked pretty solid, but the field was being super aggresive all day and were chasing down anyone that got away. I was dying a bit of a slow death all day long, as the legs just wouldn't really open up for me, and I came off the group just before the start of the second to last lap. Chased with a teammate and two others for several miles with no success, so we decided to pack it in for the day and cruise the final lap-and-a-half to the finish. The only saving grace to the day for me was when the Red Bull girls showed up like Guardian Angels and floated the three of us a ice cold can of liquid energy. I think that was the only thing that got me to the line today. To modify a favorite Cubs saying..."better luck next week!"

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