Thursday, April 20, 2006


So the ride on Sunday seemed a bit harder to me then the race did on Saturday. It was a team ride that started in Tucson and followed an out 'n back route to Mammoth, AZ. This ride is always a bit of a grind, as it is uphill the whole way out until the top in Oracle, then followed by a 12 mile climb out of Mammoth once we hit the store stop at the halfway point. We had a pretty good group of guys with us, most of the team was there, plus Shane's brother Garrett, a mountain biker from Canada named Troy, and this really weird dude whom we have since nicknamed the "big pickle" due to the fact that he has ridden with us twice now and each time at the store stops he eats one of those gigantic packaged pickles, while the rest of us are slugging down cokes and doughnuts. I don't think the pickle helped him to much, as he was dropped like a hot rock about halfway up the hill, never to be seen again. Anyway, after roughly 5.5 hours on the bike and a few more hours at work that evening, I was ready to get in a good nights rest for the first time in a few weeks...see my next post for the outcome of that!

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