Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Peltonen Brothers

So here I am, snoozing with the best of 'em around 8:00 Monday morning, when my cell phone starts ringing off the hook. Quick background here, I had told the Peltonen brothers that they could stay with me for a day while the guesthouse they are renting was getting bombed for termites. Just didn't think they'd be ringing me up so early. I knew it was probably Shane, but I figured he'd be alright so I let it ring and tried to get some more sleep. Two seconds later, the home phone rings. "Answer it," I thought..."maybe,"...or maybe I'll lay here and try to sleep some more. No such luck as five minutes later there is a knock at the door and there they both are, looking way more awake then me. Funny bunch, those two, must be from Wisconsin. Seriously, though the Peltonen brothers are both super cool guys, and damn good cyclists as well. We had a bunch of fun hanging out throughout the day, and went and checked out a pretty bad movie later on that night. I don't recommend Harrison Ford's latest, "Firewall." definitely not one of his best works. This story is probably a bit funnier if you were here, but since you are reading this, I know you weren't so I'm signing off. Adios.

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