Sunday, April 16, 2006

Scottsdale Grand Prix

Well, today was the Scottsdale Grand Prix. First year for this race, and I've got to hand it to the promoters, who did a really nice job with it. The course was a four corner crit course, downhill finish, with a slight hill leading into the first turn. Really wide open and fast, totally exposed, which made for some pretty wicked wind on the course. Tailwind through the start/finish straight, followed by turn 1 - some crazy crosswind, turn 2 - brutal headwind, turn 3 - crosswind again, turn 4 - home, sweet home with a tailwind on the downhill. :)

So I did two races, started off with the 55 min Cat 2 race. Bit of a small field here, I think we had about 22 guys start the race. Race was pretty fast with lots of attacks going on during the first 30 minutes. I got in a couple good moves, but nothing stuck until my teammate Emiliano Jordan got in a move with four other riders late in the race. This ended up sticking to the end, so we were sprinting in the pack for 6th place. I took 2nd in the pack sprint and ended up 7th overall. Not to bad, also won two primes during the race and took home a set of tubes and tires, plus a $100.00 voucher for a United Airlines flight, which will both probably come in handy sometime. Now if I can only start planning my next vacation...

Second race of the day was the 75 min pro 1, 2 event. Since I almost fell asleep at my car after the 2's race, I had a feeling that I might not have to much fun during this one. Piked a Coke and headed for the start line. Lot's more guys in this field, we started with right around 55 or so, most of the big guns from AZ were here, plus a couple guys from out of town. Race started really fast and stayed fast the entire time, we were pretty much strung out single file most of the day. Since we had six guys from the team in this one, I took the opportunity to sit in a little bit and see if I could open up during the first few laps. Seemed to work pretty well, but I think I ended up riding about 40th wheel most of the day anyway. Went up to the front a few times to check in with Scott B. to see what was going on there. Luckily, not all that much, so back to the group I went. We ended getting Tim Bolton from our team into a break of six, so we were playing the same tactics as we were in the 2's race. Tried to bridge across, but no luck. Tim's break stuck, he held on for 6th, and it came down to a pack sprint for the remaining spots. I was dying, but was able to make it into 18th by the end, Scott B. came across in 10th.

All in all, not a bad day out. The team took home $320.00 from the 1,2 race so we all came home with a little $$$$$$$$$ at the end of the day, plus some new tires for me. I think my caffine must be wearing out now, because I don't think that this is the most exciting post that I've ever written, so I'm signing off. Adios.

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