Monday, April 10, 2006

State Crit Championship

Yesterday was the Arizona State Criterium Championship race. This is a really cool race, held near downtown Scottsdale, and put on by Team One Racing. It is the second year that they have held it on this course, and I really hope that they are able to keep it for many more, because the course is really nice. Curvy with ten tight turns, a pretty technical criterium course that usually had field pretty strung out.

Eclipse was well represented with eleven riders in the field. The race was pretty fast with lot's of attacking going on most of the day. We were in all of the major moves of the day and had virtually complete control of the race, however during the final laps, as a field sprint was looking like an inevitability, the train got derailed a bit, and we were left with only myself, Scott Blanchard, and Shane Peltonen on the front of the race. Shane took a super hard turn on the front with 3 to go, pulling of with 2 to go for Dave Nelson of Landis/White Mountain. Dave pulled until just after the start of the bell lap, when it looked like he blew to bits and pulled off the front, leaving only Scott and I. Scott did a great job of drilling it and got within about 100 ft of the final 180 degree corner. A couple guys jumped early here and I got into the corner 3rd wheel, but was being forced to take the wide line, while a few more guys were able to dive towards the inside, as the sprint was being wound up. I gave it all I had and ended up in 8th place, which is not a bad result, but considering I was sitting 2nd wheel with less then 400 meters to go, I am not all that happy about it. Denny Vaughn of the Summit Velo team took the win.

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