Saturday, April 22, 2006

TT Time

So I forgot to set my alarm this morning, causing me to miss the world famous Shootout...although after the 15.5 hour work day that I put in yesterday, a few extra hours of sleep were definitely needed. Decided to get out on the TT bike so that I can some practice on it before the Vuelta de Bisbee next weekend. Two big time trial's there, so it is good to be familier with ones equipment. I'm guessing that the shootout was probably pretty hard this morning, as I followed the route out to Helmet Peak Rd, and there was a wicked head wind blowing out of the south. Kinda sucked, but it was really fun coming back.

I saw that my friend from back home in MI, Robert Herriman, has linked my blog to his blog, so I figured that I'd link him back. Check it out here. Robert is pretty fast on the mtb. He does the Leadville Trail 100 almost every year and usually places in the top 20, which is pretty damn good considering he comes from the sea level with zero mountains.

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