Friday, May 26, 2006

Bad Knee

I haven't been updating things for a bit here, because I've been laying around for the past week or so nursing a sore knee. I got back from San Carlos two weekends ago and I think I tried to do to much, to soon the first couple days back and have aggravated my left knee quite a bit. It actually swelled up while at work about a week ago, which caused me to take a the next day off for a little rest. I spent last weekend sitting around with a bag of ice on the knee, and when it wasn't responding I went to the doctor on Monday. Found out that I have Pes Anserine in the knee, which is a mild case of Bursitis. They gave me an injection for the swelling, which has helped, but I am still supposed to be taking it pretty easy for the remainder of this week. There is quite a bit of strength returning already, however I can feel it on the bike if I do anything more than really light pedaling, which I have been doing for about 1.5 hours the past couple days. Hopefully things will return to normal over the next week to ten days. I'm a bit worried because I've just signed up for the Tour de Nez and the Cascade Classic, and am also in the process of registering for the Tour de Toona and hopefully the Tour of Utah. It would be nice to be able to train right now. That's about it, cross your fingers that there will be some better news next week.

On a positive note, my good friend Scott is getting married tomorrow, so it should be a pretty fun weekend. Adios.

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