Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Funny story from the ride today. So I was riding at Sabino Canyon this morning with my friend Dan. For those that don't know, Sabino Canyon is a pretty nice state park located in the foothills of the Catalina mountains in northeast Tucson. We had just crested the summit of the road that travels through the park and were heading down when a park ranger on bike patrol waved at us to slow down. Seems the park has a posted 15 mph speed limit, which we may have been exceeding just a little bit. But it is hard to go 15 on an 8% downhill grade. I looked back and saw the ranger turning around and mentioned to Dan that it looked like we were going to be getting a little lecture here. Sure enough, he caught up to us all red faced and sweaty to ask us about how fast we had been going. Since we were right next to a speed limit sign, we both replied about 15 mph...of course! So we got the standard lecture about how he had been pacing behind us going 25 (sure he had!), and we did mention that since we were ahead of him he had to have been going at least that fast just to catch up with us. Long story short, we got out of the situation with a warning and were on our way. All in all, it was a pretty funny experience. Rest of the ride was uneventful, just cruising through the foothills with a quick stop at Time Market on the way home for an espresso.

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