Monday, June 05, 2006

Feeling Better

Glad to report that my knee is feeling much better these days. I think that it is about 98% right now. I was able to put in a good week of training last week, and my knee held up fine throughout. Started the week off pretty easy with some light spinning on Monday, Tue, and Wed to get back in the flow of things, then hit Mt. Lemmon at a moderate pace on Thursday. That went well, good test, but still didn't push it to hard there. Was able to get in a pretty solid weekend, Saturday I did the shootout long out to Colossal Caves, felt fine the whole way, and yesterday I did Mt. Lemmon to Summerhaven. Back to back 5 hour days, but I still haven't pushed it all out yet. I want to gradually build the strength back, so it is probably better to wait at this point. I think that it will continue to get stronger as the days go on, and I'm looking forward to another good week of training coming up.

On a side not, things are really starting to heat up here in the desert. I think that we are going to be in for a really hot summer. Glad to be heading out for my trip back east in July, at least it won't be 100 every day in MI. Adios.

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