Friday, June 30, 2006

The List, Part 2:

So yesterday I was kidding around a bit with my post about the Cascade Classic start list. But not about this new list, which came out today on websites around the world. Looks like Basso and Ulrich, along with Mancebo and over half of the Wurth team, have been booted from the Tour just one day before the race is due to start. They should really just cancel the entire thing, as that would really prove the point that they are trying to make over there. Seriously, though, what is the point of kicking these riders out of a tour where one of the favorites to win the prologue is an admitted EPO user who has just returned from serving a two year suspension for doping. Granted the named riders have a great deal of evidence against them, however, none have tested positive at this point. Guilty until proven innocent, I guess. Kind of makes a sad joke of the entire race. I'll just stick to my coffee and wine and hope for the best. Adios.

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