Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Proposal

So I was out on my ride today when a new (and I'm pretty sure untested) idea came to me as a way to log the miles and get fit. Consider if one's daily mileage equaled the daily high temperature for their area? I had been out for quite some time when this one hit me, so I'll grant you that I was already pretty plowed, but it did bring a chuckle to me at the time. Obviously, this would benefit those from a warmer climate such as Tucson, where the highs during winter are usually in the 60's. Back home in MI, you wouldn't see much benefit at all, in fact on some days you'd even have to reverse the mileage count, as the temp's never get above zero. I haven't thought of that one yet, but I'm sure that I'll mention it when I do. Those guys in MI are usually quadrupling the winter temp's anyway, so a day off here and there won't hurt 'em. This would get pretty difficult once spring and summer hit, as out here one would have to be putting in anywhere from 80 to 115 miles per day for roughly a six or seven month period. I will not be attempting this, but I would love to see the stats on someone who does.

Consider this: Tucson, with an average daily high of 83.6 degrees times 365 days per year comes out to 30538 miles for the year, while Berkley, MI (average daily high of 60.75 degrees times 365 days) would come out to 22173 miles. So I guess if you wanted to race the Tour de France by using this program, Tucson would be the place to go.

So on that note, here are the stats for my ride today...101.2 miles, 5:24, finished up with Gates Pass and 'A' Mountain...high for the day was 97 degrees, so I guess that means tomorrow I can take it easy. :) Adios.

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