Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fun times in MI

I had a chance to go out and hit the infamous Tuesday Night Ride this week. Makes me glad that I live in Tucson. It must be one of the more dangerous group rides going, as we were constantly dodging in and out of the city traffic, trying to make it out to the suburbs where things really start to get going. Now I know why Jeff Weinert is always bitching so much! I missed the start so I ended up riding most of the way out with the 'B' group, which was fine because it was pretty mellow and I think that I was still pretty hammered from the travel on Monday and the racing from last week.

Yesterday I did a pretty cool ride out to Gross Point, and road along Lakeshore Dr. for a bit checking out the view of Lake St. Clair. Always fun to get out that way and be near the water for a bit. No celebrity sightings, though. Adios.

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