Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's a stage race, you gotta eat big!

Quick update on how things are going out here at the Tour de Toona. Stage 2 was pretty uneventful, which was nice. The stage was a 62.9 mile circuit race, that we completed in 2:13, so it was pretty fast. I mostly sat in and tried to get up near the front for the field sprint, but I couldn't make it far enough, and ended up crossing the line in 61st place.

Stage 3 was the Johnstown to Altoona road race, and I think that it may have been one of the harder races that I have ever done. The first 45 minutes were crazy fast on some twisting, steep terrain. A break finally went and the pace slowed for a while, as guys were trying to eat and drink fluid, while Healthnet was setting tempo at the front. I was not having one of my better days and found myself sitting at the back almost all day long, trying to save energy for the Blue Knob climb with came at around the 72 mile mark. Once the climb hit, I had to ride my own pace over and then find a group to come in with, which I did, coming in with about 15 guys a ways back from the main field. Shane was once again hit by some really bad luck, as he had made it over the Blue Knob climb with the leaders, but was stung about five times by bees on the ensuing decent! If he can ever get through a race without any problems, he'll start getting some good results.

Today was stage 4, a 60 mile circuit race in Holidaysburg. This race was a lot harder then the stage 2 circuit race, as the terrain was much more rolling and the speeds were a bit higher. I had a good day today, avoiding the crashed on the first lap and staying with the front group all day. The race blew apart on the last lap KOM, which came with about 3 km to the finish. Haven't seen the results yet, but I think that I probably moved up a little in the GC. You have to be in the top 100 to race in the criterium on Sunday, so that is the goal for now. Adios.

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