Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh Canada...

So I decided to cruise over the border to Windsor, Ontario for the Cicaro Club Thursday night training series. I hadn't been to Canada since I lived in MI back in 1999, and didn't realize that I know needed a birth certificate or passport to get across untill it was to late. I was already running a little late for the race, and now I was being sent over to immigration. Not good. Luckily, they were pretty cool and let me go quickly after I explained to them what was going on and that I had to make the start line at 6:00. Didn't make it on time, but the promoter had told me earlier that they never start on time anyway, and that you can still get in the race up to the 5th lap. Long story short, I made it to the race as they were going out for lap number four. High stress, speeding, and changing in the car while speeding got me there. It was a little crazy. Anyway, after all of that I was able to jump into the race, which was a two hour criterium + 3 laps, about 100km in all. I ended up getting in a break with six guys, including my friend Dan Klien from MI, and we lapped the field with about 55 minutes left in the race. Probably took us about 35 minutes or so to do it. I was pretty worked at this point and was happy to sit in for the rest of the race. Nothing else really happened until the last few laps when the six of us started to jockey for the finish. I tried an attack on the hill with about a half lap to go, as I was cramping a little and didn't think I would be able to sprint. Got a little gap, but it was closed down with about 400 meters left and I ended up taking 5th in the race. Made it back across the border with no problems, pretty happy about that. Adios.

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