Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shootout at the Shootout

Today was the infamous Tucson Weekly World Championships, a.k.a. the Shootout. You know that the Shootout is big-time when most of the fast guys in town show up for it, dispite that fact that there was a criterium going on in Tucson also today. The ride was actually pretty hard today, as we had a head wind the entire way out. Blanchard had made the break along with Rob A., Cory, and Austin King, but got himself dropped while going over the bridge. Can't remember the last time that Blanchard has gotten dropped from a break. Seeing this, I went to the front with Jeff Parker over the bridge and we started working to bring back the rest of the break. Scott recovered a bit as we were catching him, and jumped into the paceline as we came by. I must not have eaten enough Wheaties this morning, 'cause I was suffering like a dog and was seriously considering turning around and riding in easy as I was drifting to the back of the group, where I quickly saw that there was no group, other than the six guys that I was with. Turns out that when Parker and I where pulling over the bridge, we had dropped the rest of the ride. "Interesting", I thought, "looks like I can't turn around after all." Long story short, we had me, Parker, Blanchard, and Jarod Gilyard from our team, along with Peter Brown and the Wolf Cub hammering out the rest of the ride. Fun stuff. Never caught the rest of the break, though, better luck next week. Adios.

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