Monday, July 24, 2006

Toona, Stage 1

Well, I got into Altoona, PA yesterday after picking Kyle up from the airport in Pittsburgh. We met up with Shane and Jarod a little while later at our wonderful student apartment. The place is ok, except for a lack of AC, and that, coupled with the lack of fans, makes the place a bit hot. And here I am getting out of Tucson to escape the heat!

We just finished up with the first stage a little while ago. It was a short TT, about 3 miles total that went all around the downtown area. Jarod counted something like 16 turns in all. Pretty fun course, hurt pretty bad. I haven't seen any results yet, but it looks like all of us are around six minutes and the winning time is going to be around 5:30.

That's about it, tomorrow is a 62 mile circuit race in Johnstown, about an hour away from Altoona. Should be fun. Adios.

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