Monday, August 07, 2006

Hometown Racing

I raced in the MI State Criterium Championships this past weekend, which were held over on the west side of the state in Ada, MI. For those of you that are in the know about the hand geography of MI, Ada is just below the point where your pinkie meets the palm of your hand. Anyway, it is always fun to race in MI, as I get a chance to see a few of my old teammates from the Great Lakes Cycling days, and get caught up on who is still riding these days. Anyway, the race went pretty well for me. It was an 80 minute + 5 laps crit (I wish we had crits this long in AZ!), that came down to a field sprint at the end. The race started pretty fast, but then slowed dramatically during the middle portion. It picked up again for about the final 45 minutes, during which we were rolling along around 28 - 31 mph most of the time...pretty fast! I think I started my sprint about 50 meters to early, as it was a really long sprint and I was starting to run out of gas towards the line. Ended up in 8th place, which was good for $100.00 worth of travel money. One of the local teams, the Western Michigan Riders, put on a clinic on how to do a leadout, as they had six guys on the front with 3 to go, and still had 4 guys left on the final lap, with one of their riders taking the win.

The race was on Saturday and I haven't ridden since. Played some golf yesterday with my brother and my friend Chris, and shot a can try to guess if that was for 9 or 18 holes! Gotta start getting ready now for my flight back to Tucson. It was great being gone and out of the heat for a while, but now I need to get home and start getting things in order to go back to school in a couple weeks, and start working again. Fun stuff. Adios.

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