Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Results are up

Results are online now for the AZ State Road Race, you can find them here. Seems that there has been a bit of a controversy over how the officiating was done at the event regarding the yellow line and the neutral zone. The debate rages on in the AZ Cycling forum, but I've attached my take on it below:

I agree that the rules should be enforced. However, in the case of the yellow line, it is one thing if a rider is attacking over the yellow line, and another if that same rider is FORCED over the yellow line by the field putting the race in the gutter, or in this case, on the yellow line. Any rider forced over the yellow line should try to move back to the correct side as quickly and as safely as possible, without advancing in the field. I say safely because often the field is in extreme difficulty at this point and it is not always the easiest thing in the world to break back into the line on the correct side of the road. In the case of the pro 1, 2 race on Saturday, sometimes getting forced over the yellow line is literally the only way one can maintain contact with the group. I am not condoning this, only making a point. On that same point, I have been in several races in AZ where the moto official has made the decision to let the pack echelon across the entire road as long as there was no traffic and it was clear. Either do it, or don't, but if the rule is there it should not be subject to interpretation on the part of the officials. Regarding riders being relegated for repeated violations, I am in agreement with that, however, those riders should be informed of this DURING THE RACE, and not afterwards, as this seriously impacts the team tactics during the race. Also, usually riders are relegated to last place in the group that they came in with, not last place in the race. Please note that I am not trying to bash the officials here, just trying to make a few points. Thanks.


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