Monday, August 28, 2006

State Road Race

So this weekend was the AZ State Championship Road Race held in Flagstaff, AZ. We went up there with a full team of eight riders and what looked like a pretty good shot at the win. This is always one of the more tactical races on the AZ calendar, as there are numerous hills on the course, but none of them are really long enough for the climbers to have a true advantage. There is an exposed section of rolling hills that borders a dry lake bed, where there is always a pretty severe crosswind that makes it probably the toughest section of the race. This was true on Saturday, and that section turned out to be the decisive part of the race. On each of the first two laps, our team and Grand Canyon Racing (another strong local team), were at the front riding hard tempo into the crosswind. It was enough that by the end of lap 2, the field had already been significantly whittled down. Our plan was to drill it in the crosswind on the next lap and, with a little help from Grand Canyon and a few of the stronger guys in the race, that is exactly what we did. The main break of the day went immediately after this, with most of the major players involved, along with Kyle from our team. David Glick attacked the group on the next climb in an attempt to bridge, which looked to be a good one. As we had two guys up the road, we were not inclined to chase up the hill, so by the time we reached the top of the 1 km climb, they were almost out of site. Six guys up the road, six guys left in the pack. With two laps to go, it looked like the race had been made. A few of the guys that had been dropped in the crosswind made it back on as we were riding piano for a while after the hill. One of them attacked out of our group the next time we were in the crosswind section, so I covered his attack and ended up getting into a small group of five for the remainder of the race. We had no knowledge of what was going on up the road, but we found out later that Kyle had unfortunately been dropped from the break and was now in the chase group with Dave trying to catch back on. They never made it, and Dave finished up in 5th, with Kyle just behind him in 7th. I came in 10th, but moved up to 9th due to Dave getting relegated for multiple yellow line violations. Would have been nice if the officials had informed him of this during the race, as I think that would have certainly affected our tactics.

So our results were not what we had hoped for, but the positives that we took from this event are that the team is riding really well right now. We know that the results will come if we continue to ride as we are capable of. Adios.


Robbie King said...

Hey dude,
You should paste in a link for me to check out results for your races. My time is money!

I was just doing some Michigan racing myself. Have you raced at Grattan? We did that a couple times, and the Rockford Crit on Saturday. Hoo-ee, we killed it!

My team started a blog on the team website. It's a babystep towards getting my own, so check it out. Meanwhile, I don't know how to link to other sites like yours to boost traffic. But once I get my own, which will be crazy popular, I'm sure you'll get some more hits. Ha! Just kidding.


Karew said...

I usually try to paste a link with results, but there are none online yet. I'll pop something up there once they get on the web. You racing that Leanau (sic) race in MI coming up? I might be done for the year myself...haven't been to motivated to train lately and all that is left out here are Mt. Graham and the State TT over the next couple weeks.

Never raced at Grattan, but I hear it is pretty good.

All you have to do to link your blog is create a hyperlink to whatever site you want to send people to. To do it, highlight the word, go up to the toolbar and click on the thing that looks like a box with a chain through it, then just paste in the URL of the site. Pretty easy, even You can do it!!!!!