Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Update

So this weekend I raced in the Globe Omnium, which is a new race on the AZ racing calender. The turnout was a bit disapointing, but the courses and the racing were very good. Saturday, we did the Roosevelt Lakes road race, a 59 mile out 'n back course that had quite a bit of climbing to contend with. There were two consecutive climbs on the way out that were about 2 miles each and around 7%, along with one big climb on the way back in that was probably around 8 miles long at 6-7%. Our team had the numbers in the race, so we were trying to take advantage of that and set up our climbers for a good result. What ended up going down was that we pulled back a two man break just after the turnaround, then started sending guys up the road one at time to force the other riders to chase. I happened to get a pretty good gap when I went with about 20 miles to go, so I decided to put my head down and try to make it to the line. I still had the last climb to contend with, which didn't work in my favor, as I got caught about two miles into it and came off the group. Rode in easy after that for 9th place, but we did put David Glick and Jared Gilyard into 2nd and 3rd on the stage, so it was pretty good for the team. Mike Dietrich from the Sierra Nevada team pretty much crushed everyone on the final climb and the run-in to the finish to take the win.

Sunday was the Point of Pines road race, another out 'n back with a distance of 85 miles and a 2.5 mile climb to the turnaround at mile 42. Nothing much really happened until the climb, when Dietrich attacked with Glick on his wheel. That split up the group and we never saw those two again, as they finished 1, 2 in the same order as Saturday. All we had to do on the way back in was real in Dave Ried from Landis in order to protect Jared's 3rd GC spot, which we did. It came down to a field sprint?????? for 3rd, which I took, with Jared taking 4th place on the day. Top 3 overall were Mike Dietrich, David Glick, and Jared Gilyard.

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