Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So I just got back from doing my first yoga class in several years. Feeling pretty relaxed right now, except for my shoulder, which is absolutely killing me. Must be getting old, as I've got more aches and pains this year then I have my entire life.

So the forum on the AZ Cycling site is getting pretty entertaining once again. Some crazy cat 5 kid has decided to start blasting the state and pretty much everything and everyone that is involved with racing and race promotion here. Seems the kid is a 29 year old career Cat 5 who has been riding 20,000 miles per year since 2001 in the hopes of making it big, yet for some reason he likes to sit at the back of the local Cat 5 races and stay "safe" and out of trouble. Right. I say you suck. Can't wait until the dude discovers this and adds me to his most hated list. Better watch out for all of those 30 something Cat 2's out there, though!!!! :)- If you got the time and want a few laughs, just follow this link and you'll be all set. Adios.

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Robert said...

Wow. That is crazy. Coincidentally we fell victim to a guy's rant on the MMBA message board. At the end it was pretty funny.