Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Countdown to El Tour...November 18.

I'll start this one off with some good news, the shoulder has been improving a great deal lately, right now I'd say that it is around 80-85%. I've been seeing an accupuncturist for the past two weeks and that has really seemed to help. So now it looks like I am going to be doing El Tour de Tucson again this year, after all. That should be interesting?!...I've basically been off the bike for a month and most of the last two months. If you don't know what El Tour de Tucson is, it is a 109 mile charity ride/race that circles the perimeter of Tucson. There are usually 4000+ riders in the 109 mile main event. Scott and I were taking bets yesterday on what mile that we cramp. He says around the Sabino Creek Crossing (~mile 50), I say I can make it a bit further and at least make it to Moore Rd (~mile 70).

I figure that if I start some training now, I can be in cramp-after-mile-70 shape in three weeks. Here is the training so far:

Saturday: 1 hr easy on the mtb. ~10 miles.
Sunday: 2:15 easy on the road bike. 35 miles.
Monday: off.
Tuesday: 1:45 easy on the road bike. 30 miles.
Today: 1:15 easy. 21 miles.

Might have to take tomorrow off after all of those big rides! :) Adios.

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