Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Update

Yesterday was the El Tour de Tucson bicycle race. Things went pretty well for me, as I accomplished my goal of staying in the front pack for the day. The race was pretty fast, as we covered the 109 miles in 4:15, at an average speed for the winner of 25.6 mph. Below are some brief results, complete results can be found here. The funniest thing about yesterday was that out of the three times that I have done this race, this was by far the least fit I've ever been going into it, yet I came out of it with my best result and fastest time. Oh, and by the way...1st and 6th place were both riders that were on my hot list going in...just call me The Swami from now on! heh, heh, heh. Adios.

PLACE   NO. NAME                    SEX AGE   TIME     MPH 

1 3275 MICHAEL GRABINGER M 89 04:15:53 25.6
2 3774 DAVID SALOMON M 26 04:16:01 25.6
3 9 ALEXI MARTINEZ M 89 04:16:28 25.6
4 3 ROBBIE VENTURA M 35 04:16:29 25.6
5 3655 BRIAN FORBES M 34 04:16:29 25.6
6 5 CURTIS GUNN M 35 04:16:29 25.6
7 81 AKIRA KAKINUMA M 34 04:16:29 25.6
8 99 RICHARD MEEKER M 44 04:16:34 25.6
9 3455 CHRIS DEMARCHI M 35 04:16:35 25.6
10 3456 GILBERT CORREA M 37 04:16:35 25.6
11 29 DENNY VAUGHAN M 41 04:19:04 25.3
12 2822 PATRICK LIU M 43 04:19:05 25.3
13 2503 MICHAEL ANDERSON M 40 04:19:05 25.3
14 2363 JASON SHORT M 22 04:19:05 25.3
15 3304 LARRY SHANNON M 48 04:19:06 25.3
16 1102 SCOTT LEONARD M 45 04:19:06 25.3
17 2943 BOBBY VERENNA M 34 04:19:06 25.3
18 197 JOSEPH SUSCO M 33 04:19:06 25.3
19 1059 WAYNE STETINA M 52 04:19:06 25.3
20 3064 RICK CIMAGLIA M 44 04:19:06 25.3
21 3555 GARRETT FORD M 36 04:19:07 25.3
22 3756 BRIAN LEMKE M 43 04:19:07 25.3
23 2441 CHRIS HANSEL M 44 04:19:07 25.3
24 2537 KURT GARBE M 38 04:19:07 25.3
25 110 SCOTT BLANCHARD M 38 04:19:07 25.3
26 1521 PETER J BROWN M 44 04:19:07 25.3
27 1442 JIM WEINSTEIN M 30 04:19:08 25.3
28 2277 JIM SILVERMAN M 41 04:19:08 25.3
29 3565 JASON KAREW M 33 04:19:08 25.3
30 3723 WILLIAM S DIXON M 32 04:19:08 25.3

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

T-Minus 5 Days...

Just got back in from the infamous Tuesday Ride, which we think should be renamed the "Usual Suspects" ride since it is generally the same people every week. Anyway, this was the first time that I have ridden my bike fast since about a week after the State RR back in late August. Didn't really feel all that bad, either. I never redlined, which was good, although I did take it easy on the climb over the backside of Gates Pass. No one really came out and showed their cards today, but Denny Vaughn was going pretty fast over Gates, and I think he won the hill. I ran into a friend of mine on the way back into town after grabbing some coffee, so I rolled out with him for another hour easy around Starr Pass. Nice three hours on the bike. Adios.

Monday, November 13, 2006

More riders added to the hot list.

Well, here we are with T-minus 5 days until the big day. Word on the street at the swap meet on Saturday was that Rob A. and Schrieber were taking big pulls in the break on the shootout, riding in the days main break along with Heath McFarland. Might have to add Heath to the hot list, as back in the day he was the AZ Cat 1 Road Race champion, winning the title when the race was held on the brutally difficult Skull Valley course.

The swap meet went well for me as I sold most of my stuff, and also scored a sweet set of Reynold's DV carbon tubular wheels. If I can make them go even half as fast as their previous owner, I'll be in for some good fortune next season!

On a side note, I was at the swap meet Saturday on about 2 hours of sleep due to my impromptu attendance of the Suicide Girls show at Club Congress Friday night. I ended up there by random chance and ended up sticking around til the end of the show at 1:30. Definitely interesting, to say the least! Adios.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

World Championships Nov 18

With the Southwest Regional World Championships (a.k.a. El Tour de Tucson) fast approaching, we are all left wondering as to who will show up to claim victory.

On the hot list:
  • Rob Alvarez - Always going fast, but is he smart enough to win?
  • Nick Schrieber - Strongest guy in the state during 2006, watch out for the sprint.
  • Curtis Gunn - If he shows, he'll be the one to watch.
  • Grand Canyon Racing - Between Loveday, Aaramunstad, and J.R., take your pick.
In with a chance:
  • Any Eclipse Rider - Do we have anyone with the legs to be there in the final?
  • Garret Ford/Jack Phillips - Tandem combo, rumor has it they are flying these days.
  • Even Unger/Dwight Nelson - Another tandem combo gunning for the overall.
  • Ulrich DeYoung - Young gun, if he's been training, watch out.
  • Marco Ruello - a.k.a. Ron Hudson, strong at the end of the season, but a big ?????????
  • Denny Vaughn - Will the fireman take a risk this year?
Potential upset:
  • Gord Fraser - Will The Laser come out of retirement for the day?
  • Tyler Hamilton - Not a sanctioned race, should be right up his alley.
  • The NRC Pro Field - Someone always makes an appearance here.
I'll keep my ears to the wind this weekend at the swap meet. Adios.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Riding Time!

Finally back on the bike over the weekend. I actually got in a couple decent rides between Friday and Monday. Did about 40 miles with Dan on Friday and another 60 miles on Sunday. That Sunday ride was super took us 3:45 to pull it off! I was going to chill out a bit yesterday, but some time opened up so I was able to get in about 2 hours and jam over the backside of Gates Pass in the process. Fun stuff. Well, I'm off to school now, so adios!