Thursday, November 09, 2006

World Championships Nov 18

With the Southwest Regional World Championships (a.k.a. El Tour de Tucson) fast approaching, we are all left wondering as to who will show up to claim victory.

On the hot list:
  • Rob Alvarez - Always going fast, but is he smart enough to win?
  • Nick Schrieber - Strongest guy in the state during 2006, watch out for the sprint.
  • Curtis Gunn - If he shows, he'll be the one to watch.
  • Grand Canyon Racing - Between Loveday, Aaramunstad, and J.R., take your pick.
In with a chance:
  • Any Eclipse Rider - Do we have anyone with the legs to be there in the final?
  • Garret Ford/Jack Phillips - Tandem combo, rumor has it they are flying these days.
  • Even Unger/Dwight Nelson - Another tandem combo gunning for the overall.
  • Ulrich DeYoung - Young gun, if he's been training, watch out.
  • Marco Ruello - a.k.a. Ron Hudson, strong at the end of the season, but a big ?????????
  • Denny Vaughn - Will the fireman take a risk this year?
Potential upset:
  • Gord Fraser - Will The Laser come out of retirement for the day?
  • Tyler Hamilton - Not a sanctioned race, should be right up his alley.
  • The NRC Pro Field - Someone always makes an appearance here.
I'll keep my ears to the wind this weekend at the swap meet. Adios.

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