Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Went up to Christie Rd. yesterday and did a bunch of hill repeats on it. This was the first time that I've done a workout like this at this location, and it seems to work pretty well. It's a gradual hill at first with a few ramps that progressively gets steeper towards that top. And the pavement is really nice as well??????? Ran into Jared and Glick at separate times during the ride, both those guys were out spinning their legs out from the San Dimas Stage Race over the weekend. Glick had a good ride there, taking 20th GC in the pro 1 category.

Here are my interval times, if anyone wants to know:
1. 4:43
2. 4:44
3. 5:04
4. 5:06
5. 5:14

I think that this would have been a cool workout to do with a power meter, because as you can see from the times, my power was dropping off towards the end. If anyone has a spare powertap that they would like to lend out for a couple weeks, drop me a line. Adios.

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