Monday, March 19, 2007

Scottdale Grand Prix

Two firsts for me yesterday: I did my first ever masters 30+ race, and I think it also was the first time that I've raced in record breaking heat. It would have been a bit nicer if the two firsts came in the two races that I did, but I guess I've got to start somewhere.

Cruised up to the Scottsdale Grand Prix, which is only in it's second year on the calender but I think that it is already one of the better single day races going. Really well organized, fast course, and a great payout. I decided to enter the masters 30+ race as a warm-up for the pro 1,2 race later in the afternoon. The plan was to sit in and get the legs warmed up, but that went out the window on lap two when a break of six guys, including two RideClean members (Forbes and Alvarez) went up the road. I went across to it with Jake the Snake in tow, as that looked to be the race right there. I was pretty worked upon getting there and sat on as long as I could, but never really recovered and got popped off about halfway through the 40 minute race. I think it had something to do with the 98 degree heat. Anyway, I managed to hold off the field and come in for an 8th place finish.

Didn't do much in the hour-and-a-half between races except sit in the shade and sip on a Jamba Juice smoothie. They were set up in the pit area of the race, and that razberry smoothie hit the spot, especially on such a hot day.

The pro 1,2 race was a 75 minute sufferfest, but thankfully we had a bit of cloudcover roll in just before the start, which helped to cool things down a bit, but it still had to have been about 95 degrees. Nothing to crazy went down in this race, it was a typical AZ pro 1,2 criterium, fast from the start with lots of attacks, but no real serious moves getting off the front. I was gambling on a field sprint, especially since I was racing without any teammates in the field. It was looking like a pretty tired peloton around the 60 minute mark, when a four man break containing RideClean riders Rob Alvarez and Jake Rubelt, as well as pro mountain biker Scott Keller got a bit of a gap on the field. White Mountain and Nick Schrieber did a ton of work pulling it back with 1.5 laps to go. The last lap was pretty crazy with lot's of swarming at the front. I couldn't quite make it far enough up into the last corner and ended up 11th in the sprint, with Sean Mazich from race host Waste Management taking the win. Full results from all races can be found here. Adios.

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