Thursday, April 12, 2007

Finally out of Hibernation

Well, as you can easily see, I haven't put an update out in quite some time. Must have been all of the secret training that I've been doing from midnight to 3 am every night that has been leaving me to tired to type during the day. :)-

I did get a chance to impersonate Phil Liggett as I was the race announcer for the U of A/Eclipse Racing criterium last weekend. That was super fun, but a long day to be up there talking about various groups of cyclists racing in circles. It was cool to announce the pro 1,2 race, as I knew just about everyone in the field, and you really can see the difference in speeds between that category and all the rest. My teammate, David Glick, rode a really strong race in a three man breakaway to come in 3rd on the day, with Nick Shrieber taking the win followed by Jake "the Snake" Rubelt in 2nd.

The pic from my previous post came from the 2005 fall version of the Tucson Bicycle Classic. Tomorrow begins the 2007 version, which promises to be a ball-buster as the Gates Pass road race has been replaced with the Tumacocori course down in Rio Rico. They split the pro 1,2 up into separate categories, and I think that we have a pretty strong team of 2's that can contest the overall GC this weekend. More updates to come as the racing develops. Adios.

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jared said...

yeah me and shane didn't do shit in that race we just sat in the whole time