Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Kits Are Here!

Went for a 2.5 hour ride today in the new Eclipse kit, which was really nice. The team decided to go with the full zip for 2007. This was my first time with a full zip jersey and I think that the convenience will be much appreciated during those moments of last-second-pre-race jitters that I'm sure all of us are all to familiar with. Except Kyle of course, since he has nerves of steel. The kits look very similar to last years, with a couple changes to some sponsor logo's and a new material in the jersey. I'll try and get a picture up as soon as I can get one.

On a side note, the Rillito River path is now paved in it's entirety, which makes for a pretty easy and traffic free 25 miles. Now if we can only get some water in there. Adios.

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