Monday, April 30, 2007


Bisbee didn't go that great for me. I had a stomach bug earlier in the week that was making it so that I couldn't eat, which had a negative effect on my race there. I rode the prologue and got killed, then ended up pulling out of the road race on Saturday when my legs wouldn't put out any power about 30 miles into the race. Definitely have had better weekends! As a team, we got worked a bit. Our best placed rider after the prologue was Dave, but he crashed out in the first road race, good thing I was already out and could take him to the ER in Bisbee. He'll be ok, just some road rash and some deep muscle bruising. As for me, I've been getting my appitite back the past couple days and am eating everything in sight trying to get my strength back. Should be fine in the next couple days, just need to get back on the bike and get some consistent training in again.

On a side note, I did play nine holes yesterday and scored my first ever birdie on the ninth hole. Adios.

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Wesley said...

You forgot to update the TT challenge with the Bisbee prologue results (another 42 seconds my way). And don't try to play the sick card, I just stepped off the redeye, drove 4 hours and then got on my bike. Things are looking bleak, as I might take the title for the fourth year in a row.