Sunday, April 15, 2007

TBC Update

Here is a quick update of how things have been going for during the first two stages of the Tucson Bicycle Classic:

Stage 1: McCain Loop Time Trial. I think that I screwed this one up a bit by riding the opening downhill section at to high a cadence. I felt pretty good on the climbing sections, but my plan was to conserve for the first mile until I hit the climbs. Conserve I did, but when I glanced at my computer about a minute in, my cadence was 107, which is way to high for me. Anyway, I clocked a 8:40 and finished in 18th place. Jared Gilyard set the bar for the team with an 8:27, which was good for 8th place, followed by Jeff Hoppert in 13th with 8:30.

Stage 2: Tumacocori Road Race. This race was brutal. Our plan was to try and keep Jared fresh for as long as possible, and hopefully I would be there in the end to help him out in the last couple laps. We finally started the race around 12:30 after a delay of over an hour waiting for the other groups that were on the course to finish up. I think it was the longest delay I've ever experienced, but no one really bitched all that much, which was nice. The pace was fast on the climbs and slow everywhere else for the first 3 or so laps. I covered a move with Chris Wilson from Rideclean, who was trying to bridge to a solo break that had gone up the road on lap 1. We were brought back near the top of the climb on lap 3. The race started to heat up then, as the break had gotten to 2:50 and the Rideclean team was starting to organize a chase. From here on out it was a sufferfest for me, as we were going between 25 - 30 on the flats and hitting the climbs all out each time. I succumbed to leg cramps around lap 7 and that was the last I saw of the main group. The group was down to about 20 riders when I popped off, and once I got my shit back together a bit, I was able to pick some guys off in the last few laps to finish up in 14th place, which moved me up to 12th on GC. Jared rode strongly once again to finish up in 5th, which moved him into 5th on GC.

Today is the circuit race and the finally of the Tucson Bicycle Classic. There is a time bonus sprint on lap 3, and also 3 places at the finish line. We will try and get Jared that first time bonus, because if he can pick it up it will move him up into 4th overall. Wish us luck. Adios.

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