Friday, May 11, 2007

Deep Thoughts

I was thinking the other day about goal setting and why many people find it easier to set a goal that is just outside of the top level, and seem to be happy with achieving that. For example, it is much easier to say that the goal would be to finish top ten rather than setting a goal of winning, or that the goal is to get a B rather than shooting for an A. Perhaps this comes from the simple fact that it is easy to achieve a substandard goal, but takes much more work, dedication, and sacrifice in order to achieve a higher one. This can be applied to many facets of life, not the least of which are athletics, academics, work, and relationships. It is hard to achieve maximum success, and we tend to make fun of those who choose to pursue this. Think about it, we all know one or two people who seem to be always working, rarely taking the time to do anything else, yet these people frequently are the ones who seem to excel in most things that they do, while the rest of us seem to simply exist, being good at some things and average at the rest. Perhaps we are simply happy with that. Adios.

Monday, May 07, 2007


I think that I had one of the more frustrating races of my life yesterday at the Cyclo de Mayo Grand Prix in Scottsdale. Started front row and somehow missed the break that went 4 laps into it and lapped the field. Whoops. Then I proceeded to get second for three straight cash primes, and got caught halfway around the course for two more later in the race. When this guy took one of the primes I was so pissed that I almost quit, but my only consolation of the day was that I did not quit and stuck it out for 14th place. At least I made a little money in the end. The race was actually pretty hard, starting with 52 guys and finishing with only 22. Procon cycling did a great job with the promotion and had a really cool course setup right in downtown Scottsdale. I didn't see 4000+ spectators like it was advertised, but there were still quite a few people milling around watching the race. All things considered, not to bad of a day, and I did get a free lunch at In 'N Out afterwards. Adios.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

People You Meet Along the Way

Just got back in from a pretty sweet training ride to the top of Mt. Lemmon. I rode with the company of my iPod and made it up to ski valley in 2:06:43 with a average HR of 149, not to bad.

Once there, I rode into Summerhaven and stopped at the store for a slice of their infamous pie. Getting it to me seemed a little complicated, not sure why that was, but it was worth the small wait. Blueberry, with a Root Beer to wash it down. I ran into a Harley rider up there who started talking to me about his cycling. Turns out that he was from Austin and rode an M4. The guy was pretty cool, and also was one month into his first chemo treatment for a cancer that he had been diagnosed with. We talked about that for a bit, as both of my aunt's have had breast cancer diagnoses over the last three years. Both are doing well now, and I hope that this gentleman has the same fortune.

We take for granted the gifts that we are given every day. Adios.

Dan in Bisbee

Good pic of Dan from the final stage of Bisbee.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Big Problems in the Shark Tank

The Red Wings blew another lead yesterday in San Jose, and now trail the Sharks 2-1 in their best of seven second round series. Game four is tomorow night in San Jose. The Wings always make me nervous come playoff time, as they usually come into the playoff's as one of the favorites, yet somehow find ways to get beat early during most years. Root for them tomorow at 7:00 if you can, they are going to need all the support they can get.

I was up at 5:30 this morning and hit the group ride. Felt pretty good and am getting my strength back after last week's stomach problems. Pablo won the sprint over Gates Pass, and will now take over the Tuesday Morning Leaders Jersey, jersey presentation to come later. Adios.