Wednesday, May 02, 2007

People You Meet Along the Way

Just got back in from a pretty sweet training ride to the top of Mt. Lemmon. I rode with the company of my iPod and made it up to ski valley in 2:06:43 with a average HR of 149, not to bad.

Once there, I rode into Summerhaven and stopped at the store for a slice of their infamous pie. Getting it to me seemed a little complicated, not sure why that was, but it was worth the small wait. Blueberry, with a Root Beer to wash it down. I ran into a Harley rider up there who started talking to me about his cycling. Turns out that he was from Austin and rode an M4. The guy was pretty cool, and also was one month into his first chemo treatment for a cancer that he had been diagnosed with. We talked about that for a bit, as both of my aunt's have had breast cancer diagnoses over the last three years. Both are doing well now, and I hope that this gentleman has the same fortune.

We take for granted the gifts that we are given every day. Adios.

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