Monday, May 07, 2007


I think that I had one of the more frustrating races of my life yesterday at the Cyclo de Mayo Grand Prix in Scottsdale. Started front row and somehow missed the break that went 4 laps into it and lapped the field. Whoops. Then I proceeded to get second for three straight cash primes, and got caught halfway around the course for two more later in the race. When this guy took one of the primes I was so pissed that I almost quit, but my only consolation of the day was that I did not quit and stuck it out for 14th place. At least I made a little money in the end. The race was actually pretty hard, starting with 52 guys and finishing with only 22. Procon cycling did a great job with the promotion and had a really cool course setup right in downtown Scottsdale. I didn't see 4000+ spectators like it was advertised, but there were still quite a few people milling around watching the race. All things considered, not to bad of a day, and I did get a free lunch at In 'N Out afterwards. Adios.

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