Sunday, August 26, 2007

Skull Valley

Who would have thought that 90 miles would hurt so much? Skull Valley road race was today just outside Prescott. We had a pretty small field of about 20 guys, and unfortunately 14 of them were stronger then me, as I finished in the back quarter of the field in 15th. Could be that my longest ride of the last three months has been 80 miles, but hopefully I'll pick up a little fitness here going into September's month of time trial madness. Of course those are all a bit shorter, but what the hell? Michael Grabinger won today, with the Vampire Chris Walker coming in second. Adios.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Racing, Road Rash, and TT's

So I am back on the bike and finally have been getting in some longer rides and a little bit of consistency over the last two weeks. It has been a while and I can definitely feel the effects of not riding much over a six week period from late June to early August. That being said, I am feeling pretty fresh and looking forward to the end of the season races.

I finally jumped back into it a couple weeks ago at the Tucson Criterium. I was riding ok here until I crashed myself coming out of the final turn while attempting to bridge to the break. Did get back in and finished, but it was not the best performance of my life. Had some nasty road rash on my arm and hip that is just now healing up, the hip took the worst of it, as I landed on my bone and still have a pretty good bruise there.

Yesterday was the Mt. Lemmon Time Trial, which has been seeing greater numbers of riders turning out each year. I think it is really the King of the Mountains title for the Tucson based riders who train on the slopes regularly. Yesterday's turnout was a record 260 riders, a great number for any local race, especially one that has no prize's! Stephen Slabodnick (Landis) won with a course record time of 47:34, followed by Kyle Colavito (RideClean), who came in at 49:04. They were the only two riders that broke 50:00. Guess we know who to watch at the Skull Valley Road Race next weekend. I thought that Kyle would take it after seeing him pass me around the 4th mile going at least 2 mph faster than I was. Guess Slabodnick has been training also. I ended up 6th in pro 1,2, and 28th overall with a time of 55:56. I'll take it considering where I am at right now.

Scott Blanchard has been putting on a Night Crit Series every Wednesday at the P1 Kart Circuit at the Tucson Raceway. I haven't been able to make any due to work, but you should check them out if you can. The picture above is from last weeks race. Adios.