Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Future

I just returned from my interview at the University of Arizona Eller School of Business. This has been an ongoing process for me for the last year, as I decided to pursue acceptance into Eller in the fall of 2006, and have spent the last year taking all of the prerequisite business courses and trying raise my GPA to the minimum level at the same time. It's been quite a process, but I made it and today was the day where it all came to a head. I think that things went pretty well, the interview was a little intimidating as it was entirely a Q and A session between myself and my two interviewers, but I think I held my own. I had to take an assessment test afterwards that I also think went pretty well, had a couple questions about two of the answers, but I just looked them up at home and I think I got them right. So now the hard part is over and I just have to sit tight over the next couple weeks until I hear if I am in or not. Hoping for good news in the mail soon. Adios.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You Heard it Here First

Mt. Graham top five:
1. Michael Grabinger (Succesfull Living)
2. Mark Aasmundstad (Rideclean)
3. Stephen Slabodnick (Landis)
4. David Glick (Eclipse)
5. Ryan Blickem (Landis)

Somewhere way behind these guys...Jason Karew (Eclipse).


Friday, September 21, 2007


From, November 16, 2003:

"I have never taken EPO or any other substance prohibited in sport," she asserted. "Never."

The "She" in this case was Genevieve Jeanson.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mt. Graham on the Horizon

One of the classic Arizona events is coming up this weekend, the 28th annual Mt. Graham Hillclimb. There is a cool little story about the history of this event here. Should be an epic day on the mountain, as there is a weather system developing in Puget Sound, Canada that should be making it's way into our area by the weekend. A couple years back, the race was run in hurricane-like conditions, as southeast Arizona was getting the remnants of a hurricane that was hammering Texas and the Gulf Coast. I wasn't there, but I remember how bad it was in Tucson that day, and found out from talking to some people who had raced that the conditions were abysmal to say the least. At least they were going uphill! Now if only I can justify that KOM that I picked up way back in Globe...Adios.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


That was my time at the AZ State Time Trial Championships today, good for 3rd in the 2's, 25th overall. Also a PR for me, although I've only done one other 40km in my life. Grabinger won, followed my Mark Aasmundstad. Adios.

Friday, September 14, 2007

What Happened?

I feel like something has happened to my building form this week. Where did it go? I went from feeling like I was actually getting somewhere, to sleeping 9-11 hours every night for the past few days and waking up still not feeling recovered. Maybe it's the cat? Is he sucking the life out of me as I sleep? I'd rather think not, of course! I've been telling myself all week that hopefully I'll start to come around with another recovery day, but that hasn't happened yet and now I am starting to worry that I may have picked something up and haven't realized it. Hmmmmmm...maybe another recovery day? Adios.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kitt Peak TT

The Kitt Peak Time Trial was held on Sunday, conditions were perfect but the times seemed to be a little slower all the way around in most categories. Slabodnick won again with a 52:48, followed by Glick, Timmy, the Hoppert, and myself in 2nd through 5th. I think that I was 12th overall. Actually thought that I had a pretty good ride going until I started to bonk with about 2 miles to go and lost about a minute to Hoppert. Would have been 3rd if not for that, maybe I should have eaten dinner the night before? The Hoppert and I rode back to town afterwards and made it a five hour day with a lot of suffering for both of us. I'm still tired, but hopefully I'll recover well this week and be ready to go for my least favorite event ever, the state time trial this weekend. Wouldn't even be doing it if it wasn't right here in Tucson, but since it's so close, I figured why not give it a go. Adios.

1 391 Stephan Slabodnick Landis/Trek 29 0:52:21 13.30
2 304 David Glick Eclipse Racing 25 0:53:14 13.07
3 395 Tim Carolan Eclipse Racing 35 0:58:48 11.84
4 368 Jeff Hoppert Eclipse Racing 34 0:59:28 11.70
5 369 Jason Karew Eclipse Racing 34 0:59:52 11.63
6 396 Paul Kealey Summit Velo 35 1:01:01 11.41
7 377 Evan Hyde 1:01:27 11.33
8 375 John Farris unattached 29 1:05:26 10.64

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Raining in the Desert

I've been trying to train a bit after taking an easier week following Skull Valley, and I think that I am finally starting to come around on the bike. Amazing what a little rest can do for you. Anyway, we have the remnants of a tropical depression bringing some much needed rain and cooler temperatures into the Tucson valley over the next couple days. Today the forecast called for scattered showers all day with a high temp of only 87, which looked like a pretty good day for riding, as long as you didn't mind getting a little wet. I headed out this morning at 6:45 in a steady drizzle, but that was ok since the temps were in the 70's. Went the long way out Big Square, with the rain letting up about two hours in, but giving way to a pretty good headwind on the return trip. Cool ride, though, as it is always a treat to view the Tucson Mountains when they are shrouded in clouds. Adios.