Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kitt Peak TT

The Kitt Peak Time Trial was held on Sunday, conditions were perfect but the times seemed to be a little slower all the way around in most categories. Slabodnick won again with a 52:48, followed by Glick, Timmy, the Hoppert, and myself in 2nd through 5th. I think that I was 12th overall. Actually thought that I had a pretty good ride going until I started to bonk with about 2 miles to go and lost about a minute to Hoppert. Would have been 3rd if not for that, maybe I should have eaten dinner the night before? The Hoppert and I rode back to town afterwards and made it a five hour day with a lot of suffering for both of us. I'm still tired, but hopefully I'll recover well this week and be ready to go for my least favorite event ever, the state time trial this weekend. Wouldn't even be doing it if it wasn't right here in Tucson, but since it's so close, I figured why not give it a go. Adios.

1 391 Stephan Slabodnick Landis/Trek 29 0:52:21 13.30
2 304 David Glick Eclipse Racing 25 0:53:14 13.07
3 395 Tim Carolan Eclipse Racing 35 0:58:48 11.84
4 368 Jeff Hoppert Eclipse Racing 34 0:59:28 11.70
5 369 Jason Karew Eclipse Racing 34 0:59:52 11.63
6 396 Paul Kealey Summit Velo 35 1:01:01 11.41
7 377 Evan Hyde 1:01:27 11.33
8 375 John Farris unattached 29 1:05:26 10.64

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