Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mt. Graham on the Horizon

One of the classic Arizona events is coming up this weekend, the 28th annual Mt. Graham Hillclimb. There is a cool little story about the history of this event here. Should be an epic day on the mountain, as there is a weather system developing in Puget Sound, Canada that should be making it's way into our area by the weekend. A couple years back, the race was run in hurricane-like conditions, as southeast Arizona was getting the remnants of a hurricane that was hammering Texas and the Gulf Coast. I wasn't there, but I remember how bad it was in Tucson that day, and found out from talking to some people who had raced that the conditions were abysmal to say the least. At least they were going uphill! Now if only I can justify that KOM that I picked up way back in Globe...Adios.

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