Sunday, October 28, 2007

Found a Pic from Graham, so Here You Go!

Yes, I was suffering a bit at the moment! Adios.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cyclocross in Arizona

Last weekend I traveled up to Phoenix for the inaugural race of the AZ Cyclocross Series. Jeremy Bounds has finally had enough of no one taking the reigns and has thrown together what looks like a pretty good five race series in the Phoenix area. I haven't raced cross since I won 3 of 4 races in the Tucson series in 2005, so I was a bit anxious to see how I'd go and who would be there for race number one.

The first thing I noticed was the field size and depth of the field. There were almost as many guys in the men's open race as we get for all categories in the Tucson series. Most of the local roadies and several pro/elite mountain bikers were lined up at the start. Looking around, the second thing I noticed was that almost everyone was on an Ultegra level cross bike, with a few guys even running tubulars! This was not seen a couple years ago here, and really shows how the sport is growing all over the country. I stood out a bit on my 2.2 inch knobby tired mountain bike.

So onto the race. I lined up on the front row and got a great start, slotting into 4th position going into the first barrier section. Stayed in 4th position for about half the first lap, but decided to go to the front going into a technical section that I thought I could get through quicker then everyone else due to my equipment choice. That turned out to be a mistake due to the massive headwind and I ended up towing the front group for a while. Shortly after this I blew up like the Space Shuttle Challenger and that was pretty much the end of my day. Bit of a bummer, I spent the next couple laps trying not to puke and recover a bit, which I did, but I was half a lap down at that point so I just caught a few guys and tried to roll it in strong to save a little pride. Not the best race, but still glad to be out there. Adios.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

State Road Race Recap

One can sum up the state road race yesterday by looking at the start list. Out of about twenty or so starters, eleven where from the Rideclean team, three Eclipse, and everyone else was an individual. I think the only thing that made the race even remotely interesting was that Michael Grabinger signed up, as he is stronger then the entire Rideclean team, so that put a twist into an otherwise negative race. We went up with myself, the Hoppert, and Glick, while the only other rider of note in the field was World Deaf Cycling Champion, Nick Schrieber.

The race itself was a brutal affair, with attacks flying off the front almost immediately, forcing everyone to have to constantly chase the Rideclean riders who were taking turns putting a pretty good hurt on the rest of the field. I will admit that they rode pretty much perfect team tactics, but it was frustrating being on the receiving end of them, and I voiced my displeasure a couple times during the race. The race played out on the 3rd of 5 laps, as the main break finally went up the road with Schrieber, Grabinger, Forbes (Rideclean), and I think one other. I countered a few miles later and brought out Jake Rubelt and Mark Aasmundstad (both RC), but couldn't hold the pace on the finish climb and popped off. That was pretty much it, as the race was happening up the road at this point and we weren't in it. Rode in with a group of six that I think were the only other guys left in the race, and finished second out of that group for I think about 8th place on the day.

That's it for the road season here in Arizona. It has been a long year at this point, with the season being extended by three weeks with the postponement of the state race from it's original September date. I'm looking forward to picking up a cross bike and hitting a few cross races coming up, maybe doing some running here and there, and basically relaxing a bit while still maintaining some fitness. Adios.

I'm In!

Well, I found out last night that I've been accepted into the Eller Business College at the UA. This means that I can finally see that the end of my school days is in sight at last. The program starts in the spring 2008 semester and will run for four semesters, which puts my expected graduation date at December 2009. :) Can't wait for that to happen, just in time for the 2010 cycling season!!! Ha, ha, ha. Adios.