Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

So I'm sitting in my Organization Behavior in Management class right now listening to a lecture about how to have a positive attitude. As a former pessimist, I do have a few deep thoughts on this issue. Read on if you would like to be enlightened, or skip over this post if you have already gotten there yourself.

For me, my trip to the good side of the force started when I began mountain biking with greater frequency while in my early 20's and living in MI. I found that it allowed me to challenge myself, while also allowing me the freedom to pretty much do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. The abridged version of this story led me to move solo to Arizona eight years ago, forced me to make friends in a new place, which has surrounded me with influential and successful people who contributed to getting myself back into school and work on finishing up my degree. Hence, I sit here now writing this blog post when I should really be paying better attention, but I'm pretty positive that I get the jist of this lecture. Adios.

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