Sunday, July 13, 2008

Famous Once Again

Looks like I am back to being in the news, with a couple photo's on the RideStrong site from the Shootout yesterday. You can read the details in the following link, but this photo will provide a quick visual of what things were like.

Great legs on the ride yesterday, as I felt like I had to try and ride fast considering the crazy getup that I was wearing. Followed "the Laser" up the sprint hill, but couldn't come around him as he still has the finishing kick of a two time Olympian.

Today DD, PT, and myself (albeit in a bit more normal kit) went out for a long one and headed out to Sonoita. Long, mellow day on the bike, with a little bit of rain on the return trip north on Highway 83. 108 miles in just over six hours. We found the fast way there by going out via Kolb, Rita Ranch, Mary Ann Cleveland, through Vail, and out the frontage road to HWY 83. Every other time I've done this ride it has come in right around 124 miles, so it is nice to know that the distance can be cut if necessary. Sonoita is one of my favorite rides, so it is always a treat to get out there. Today was no exception, as there were low-hanging clouds shrouding the mountains as we approached Sonoita Pass. Great day on the bike. Adios.

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