Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Wi-Fi

Last night, after returning to the condo from a short spin on the Rialto River Path, I was preparing to begin the tumoltous task of organization, and decided that a little music was in order. Digging out my laptop became a priority as all of my current music is stored there. Took me a few minutes to find everything, but soon I had my speaker set-up plugged in and running, with my laptop purring like the cat in the background. I powered it on and a minute later things were up and running. Upon start-up, I quickly discovered that there were many available wireless networks around this place, one of which had a strong feed and zero security. Needless to say, I have not plugged into my Cox feed yet as I sit here and write this post. Which leads me to my next subject:

Is it ethical to use a wireless connection that you know that you are not paying for, but are able to simply turn on your computer to access? Thoughts? Personally, I lean in the direction that unless this condo complex has free Wi-Fi, or I speak with the person whom I am currently swiping the internet from, that I probably should pony up and connect to my Cox account. Differing views can be found here, along with this article from Time Magazine, which was referenced here. A large part of me thinks fuck 'em; if all I have to do is turn on my computer to be connected, they maybe I should take advantage. Any thoughts? sure is nice to be writing this wirelessly in my new place right now. Adios.

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Anonymous said...

you will go to jail with lamonge.

good job playing with those big balls last sunday!