Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tour de France: Stage 4, Time Trial

David Miller just crossed the line in second place and bumped Cadel Evans down to third on the podium. Great rides for both. Always good to see Cadel up there, maybe this can be the year that he is able to finally win the big one. Miller is a reformed doper. Part of me wishes that he would just shut the fuck up and go away, while another part of me wants to believe that he is truly racing clean (which I think that he is), and doing his part to clean up the doping problem in the sport. Miller was busted several years ago with empty EPO vials in his home, which he than admitted to using when he won the Time Trial World Championship back in 2003. The claim was that he only used EPO once, while training for the Time Trial, but I think that this is bullshit. He came back in 2006 after a two year suspension and has been an ambassador for drug free sport ever since, which is admirable. It would be a little more admirable, however, if one of these guys that are caught doping would admit guilt before the evidence and circumstances made them do so. I can run through a long list of riders who have been caught, such as Hamilton, Landis, Viranque, most of the Rock Racing Team, etc, but to this day the only rider that I can recall ever admitting to doping without being caught was Jerome Chiotti, the French mountain biker who won the 1996 Cross Country World Championships, but was stripped of his title and blackballed from the sport for admitting to doping about four years later. To bad for him, I guess; his conscience got the better of him. Contrast this with the Belgian Filip Meirhaeghe, who was busted in 2005, admitted it by saying that he did what he had to do, and is now gracing the cover of Velonews. Ridiculous.

I realize that I probably sound like I am bitching quite a bit here, and maybe I am. But it would be nice that someday when new people that I meet find out that I am a cyclist, I'll start to get questions about how do get involved with the sport, training, where to go, what bike to ride, etc..., v. the standard three that come up all the time, in no paticular order:

1. You going to ride in the Tour de France someday? No.
2. How's the testosterone treating you? Wouldn't know.
3. So ahhhhh, can you still get it up after riding all day? See above,
want to find out?


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Melanie said...

how do you really feel about it?

I want to comment about your questions, but won't. :)