Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tour, Stage 1: Part Two

Well, the call has been made, now 5 km to go after a big crash has just split the field. I am watching live Versus coverage with a little play by play. Evans looks good and is sitting in the top 10. Pace is about 32 mph. Wish I could have seen the whole stage, as I thought it might be an epic one. Super fast pace being set right now by Team Columbia (formerly High Road). Maybe Hincrappy? Don't think so, but that would be cool. Pace is 40.3 mph???? WTF! Thought they weren't doping anymore. Hahahahahahahahaha. On the climb now, can't believe there wasn't a crash on the bridge. Where is Valverde? Columbia still in front, but things are splitting up. Kuota off the front now, PT would be proud. He's caught, Schumacher leads now. 1 km. Now Valverde is in the picture. I can see Evans there also. All the leaders are on the front. Kirchen leads inside 250 meters. But here comes Valverde! And it looks like I have read the crystal ball correctly today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is gonna be a good three weeks. Adios.

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