Saturday, March 07, 2009

TBC Stage 2 Road Race....Bad Legs = Bad Cramps

3 laps, 20 mile course, lots of attacks. No breaks stuck for more then a couple miles at a time. I started getting little twinges in my left leg about 35 miles into the race. Sat in the bunch for the entire last lap trying to work them out, and thought that I had accomplished that. It was looking like a field sprint when we made the turn onto La Canada for the final 4 miles of the race. Then it happened. First a twinge in my left quad, followed by a twinge in my right. I tried desperately to rub them out. More twinges, spasms, extreme pain. Went from pedaling smooth circles and thinking of who to follow in the sprint to pedaling awkward squares and falling off the back. Actually had to take my feet out of the pedals and stop on the side of the road for a couple minutes. Not good. Felt like Erik Long on the Mogollon. Long story short, lost 5:53 in the final two miles of a 60 mile event. Oh well, I guess that's why they call it training. Adios.

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