Saturday, May 30, 2009


Did my first post-graduation Shootout today. The group seemed to take a while to really get going, with the pace steady most of the way out until we went over the bridge. The tempo went up signifigantly as a small break attacked over the bridge, with a serious chase ensuing from those who didn't make the split. The pack was strung out and gaps began to form as we crested the last of the hills before the mailboxes. I was suffering, but was able to regroup and make all the splits to end up in the front group of about 30. The break had been caught somewhere in the hills, leaving those in front to fight it out for the sprint and Shootout glory. Nick Schreiber crushed everybody and won by several bike lengths over a small group of around ten. I saved my legs and just followed wheels to the top of hill, coming in around 7th or 8th and happy that I made it. Flipped it there and rode home solo on Mission Road in near perfect weather conditions. Amazing that it is still in the 80's in Tucson this late in May. Adios.

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samantha said...

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