Thursday, June 04, 2009

Training, TRAINING, Training........Now Find Me a Job!

It has been a great week on the bike here in the desert. Temps in the morning have been in the 70's with just enough cloud cover to keep the sun away for a couple extra hours. Here is a quick synopsis of my week so far:

Tuesday: Hit the morning ride. Felt a little better then last week, and was able to pull at the front for a bit. Had some gas in the tank, just not the right amount of Octane. Not yet anyway. Frank Barnes of Summit Velo was first over Gates Pass, with Kevin Clegg coming in second. Frank seems like he is getting pretty fast these days; I'm curious how he'll do in the State Road Race on Sunday. On the way into town I ran into PT and Dan, so I flipped it and rode another three hours with them. Shortly after flipping it, I had the misfortune of watching my polar bottle eject from the cage and get run over by a truck. Bummer. Good day on the bike, though.

Wednesday: Nice ride today on the Big Square loop west of town. Brownies at the store, lots of talk of snappers, and some power sprints coming into town. Felt pretty good all day. Rode with PT, Double D, and the Black Cloud. The miles are always fun with those guys.

Thursday: Sierrita Mountain Road with PT and Double D. We picked up a Border Patrol officer named after a famous drink on the way out of town, who kept us entertained with stories of the illegals most of the way. Nice steady two finger tempo was the order of the day, followed by some delicious smoothies after the ride. I was happy because I was feeling better today then I did on Tuesday, so I'm thinking that I finally might be getting the proper amount of Octane in the mix. Thanks Snake.

Other then riding, I've been spending most of my time filling out job applications and trying to get a career started. That has been a little slow going so far, but there are starting to be a few good leads so hopefully something happens within the next month or so. I don't want to jinx myself by getting overly excited so I'll stop there. Thanks for reading this if you've gotten this far, it's been a long one. Oh, and by the way...GO WINGS!!!!! Adios.

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