Sunday, November 01, 2009

OVCX Gun Club Cross, Quick Race Report.

Rough day today. Lined up with the Elite men at the OVCX race in Miamiville, OH. Course was 50% roadie, 40% mtb, and 10% xc runner. It was really muddy out there when I road the course on Wed, but most of that had dried and settled in to some seriously sloppy, thick stuff by the start of the race today. I'm still trying to get the mud figured out, after having spent the last ten years riding in sunny Tucson. I think that the time out there has made me forget my mountain biking roots, 'cause right now I am struggling big time cornering in the mud. Either I'm not getting it, or my tires just aren't right, but something need to change soon. My current setup of Bontrager Jones at around 35-38 psi feels like riding on ice in the corners. Might switch to a set of Michelin Muds for the rest of the season...Or just train more...Or do both.

So the race went something like this: Fast start, sliding all over the place, lost position, regained position, lost position again, passed a couple guys, started to feel good, felt bad, slid some more, felt worse, dropped out with 3 to go. Not good. Adios.


Anonymous said...

I ran the Bonty's last year and I can say the Muds have way better bite.

Anonymous said...

dnf...KARRREWWWW that bike raced in belgium! c'mon man

Anonymous said...

it's the air pressure.
you should be running about 28 or so in the back with less in the front....there was no tire or pressure that would help you at GC...but air pressure is key to riding fast on these types of courses.
cya out there.