Saturday, February 06, 2010

State of the Union

I hate bots. And I think the blog has started to attract them. Bad sign when you have more bots then followers.

I hate colds. And I think that I might be attracting one of them also. Another bad sign. Might make an appointment with the doc on Monday to get something that will knock this out of me quick.

I do like women. Although these days I'm not attracting to many. Third Strike! Any suggestions?

On a positive note, my brother and Dad are coming down tomorrow for the Super Bowl. Colts win 35 - 24. Here's hoping it's a good one.

Stopped by BioWheels to talk to Mitch tonight and ended up hanging there for a while chatting over a couple beers. Lots of good news on the Cincinnati cyclocross front. Looks like Harbin Park is now one of eight UCI C1 races in the States for 2010, which should be great for the Cincinnati Cyclocross Weekend. 48 UCI races slated for 2010 in the States, I think five years ago there were less then ten.

Tucson in T-Minus 5 days. Can't wait to get there. Adios.


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