Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sunday Post, Vol 1.1

Tucson Trip

I spent last weekend in Tucson, visiting friends and enjoying the sunshine. It was great to be back and had me questioning why I ever left. That place is truly an oasis in the desert, especially after spending the past two months dealing with freezing temperatures and lots of snow. I was able to borrow a Chorus equipped Colnago C40 from PT for the weekend, which made for some great riding. I mostly rode with Dan, and we were able to tackle two of the classic Tucson rides, Big Square and Mt. Lemmon. Kyle wasn't on Big Square, so I declared myself the sprint winner by default! The pic shown was taken at the Windy Point Vista at 6500ft.

A big part of my visit was to see Linnea and make an attempt to gain some closure to our relationship. I don't want to go into to much detail here, but when I left for home I felt like both of us are in a better place with the way things stand. It really sucks when you can't be with someone you love, but sometimes life gets in the way and this is one of those times. I wish her the best and hope that we can continue to remain friends.

Snow Days

Cincinnati was hit with nine inches of snow on Monday, which left us with about eighteen inches on the ground. I watched the news after flying in Tuesday evening and learned that this is the most snowfall on record for the 'Nati in February, and is currently the ninth heaviest winter on record. We might make the top five before winter is over.

The good thing about all this snow is that I can finally get a chance to dust off my XC skis! They were a Christmas present from my Dad in the late 90's. A great set of Fishers, but they have been collecting dust in MI since I left for Tucson in 2000. I took advantage of the snow and cut about a half-mile trail behind my apartment on Wednesday evening. It was tough work plowing through eighteen inches of snow, but worth it in the end. Got out again after work on Friday, but the weather had warmed and the conditions were rough. Probably done skiing for a while, as today temps were up to the mid-forties, but it was great while it lasted!


Ok, I am officially a nerd. I have been experimenting with Twitter for a while now, mostly out of curiosity as to why so many people are using the service. I figure that I need to keep up with this stuff since I am in the industry. So check out my page and follow me if you like. I'm setting a short-term goal of picking up fifty followers, and then I'll go from there. Go here or just click on the link located on this page. Adios.

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