Sunday, March 28, 2010

Germantown Race Report

Ohio Valley Spring Series Race #1

Dusted the cobwebs off the hog and blew out the legs today in the first installment of the 2010 Ohio Valley Spring Race Series in Germantown, OH. The weather-guessers had been forecasting Belgium-style weather, 50 degrees with an 80% chance of rain. This had the affect of scaring off a lot of guys, including myself. However, I decided yesterday afternoon to H.T.F.U. and signed up. I figured that after a winter of training in the shit weather of Cincinnati, a little rain couldn't hurt me, either.

We were only scheduled to race 51 miles (7 laps), can't be that hard, right? Right! Ha. The race started fast and furious, with attacks from the gun. I got caught up in a two man chase group behind a group of three that were up the road during the second lap. Didn't have the legs to hang, so I sat-up, went back to the pack before I was dropped, and tried to recover before the major move of the day came.

The move went down as we were approaching the start/finish at the end of lap 2. There was a stair-step climb on the approach and a group of eight rolled off the front. It wasn't really an attack, more like a split in the field. I was blown out at the time and watched it go.

The next lap was basically spent rolling around with the group and trying to recover from the earlier efforts of the race. I wasn't recovering that well and was actually thinking of calling it a day and heading to the car, but instead decided to try a do or die effort, rolling off the front just after the start of the 4th lap. The bunch was tired and let me go. Great, I thought. Half a lap later I saw O'Brian (OB) Forbes bridging up, so I slowed and let him catch on. For those who don't know, OB was known for years as The Man around the Cincinnati area, and is a multi-time state champion on the road. Nice guy, too! We spent the next four laps together and held off the rest of the bunch by about 45 seconds in the end, finishing up in the last two money spots in 9th and 10th, which was nice because I was suffering like a dog the entire time.

The best part of the day was that the rain held out until the drive home. That made my Tucson blood happy! Adios.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sports Business - Lots of Memories, and Debris, at Old Yankee Stadium -

Maybe the United States is never meant to have the visual history of Europe? No Colosseums to visit 300 years from now. Progress tosses everything else by the wayside; if it's old, do we still need it? Does it make us a better society to tear down and replace or should we preserve and cherish? Thoughts? Adios.

Sports Business - Lots of Memories, and Debris, at Old Yankee Stadium -

Monday, March 08, 2010

Winter Cross Training


As this has been my first real winter since 1998, I've been forced to mix things up a bit from my normal training routine. In a normal year, I usually have between 2500 and 3000 miles by now, and have been racing for almost a month. Now that I live in Cincinnati (which has had it's 5th snowiest winter on record), I've had a great opportunity to add in a variety of cross training to my normal routine. Running, XC skiing, weights, cyclocross, and yoga have all been key additions to my fitness regimen during the winter. Of these, I feel like I have gained the biggest benefit from following a weekly yoga practice at the YogahOMe studio.


I have been attending a hot vinyasa class that has really helped me to focus my mind and develop much greater flexibility throughout my body. I can remember starting out back in November, and having to use blocks to support myself during certain poses. Tonight I realized that I was able to achieve those same positions unsupported, which brought a smile to my face. I've had a lot of nagging little aches and pains over the years, which I think were magnified by being a little to focused on cycling and not enough on overall body strength. It's good to visit one's weaknesses now and again to know what should be improved, as this can only serve to make one's strengths that much better.

First Century of 2010

Ok, it was really only 99.9 miles, but I'll count it anyway. We had some fantastic weather last weekend, which brought everyone out of hibernation and made the Sunday Ride the biggest of the year. I started out Sunday thinking century in the back of my mind, but wasn't entirely committed to the idea. Joined the group and was psyched to see at least 25 guys heading out on the longer loop. Things were going great until I snapped my rear derailer cable and had to spend 30 miles riding in the 11. Didn't matter though, I was feeling great and thankfully we were on the flats by then. Made it back to Milford and met up with Kelly at Bishop's Bikes., who set me up with a new cable. I made the change, then rode with the Bishop's crew back to Hyde Park, where I split off and finished up the remaining 25 miles solo. Fantastic day out, spring was in the air, and it was great to be turning the cranks with the sun on my face. Adios.